• The conference will be held in the Medical Rehabilitation Centre (MRS) “Zhemchuzhina” in Gaspra.

    Medical Rehabilitation Centre (MRS) “Zhemchuzhina” is located in 11 km from Yalta (town Gaspra) on the territory of Ai-Todor Cape. The air combined with the sea breezes turns into the natural inhalation with health-improving and sedative effect. The park and a famous Tsar’s walking path were laid out by his order. A world - known symbol of the Crimea, an unique architecture palace-castle “Swallow's Nest” is located in the park of the sanatorium Zhemchuzhina. Romantic castle "Swallow's Nest" dominates the coast built on the Avrorinsky Rock of the Ai-Todor Cape. Buildings and cottages of the sanatorium Zhemchizhina are situated in the sea creek. Zhemchuzhina is surrounded by the Kharaksky Park, a monument of landscape architecture art. There are three hundred of the exotic species, mostly coniferous trees in the park.
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